MOLINO FERRARA Liborio has been a major player in the production of wholemeal flour and flour for almost a century.
Born as a family business in the 1920s, it became the property of the Ferrara family in the early 1970s.
Today the ferrara mill is managed by the brothers Carlo and Alessandro Ferrara who inherited from their father Liborio the passion for wheat and high quality food craftsmanship, making the motto "Passion for excellence".
For ethical and business choice, the mill only transforms Sicilian wheat from the local farmers' fields.
For several years the mill is certified in organic and stone mills the ancient Sicilian grains.
Since October 2006, the mill has been enriched with a workshop for the production of pasta according to the Sicilian use of the seventeenth century.

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We give shape to the grain

Company philosophy

The excellence of the product is the conditio sine qua non that drives the Molino Ferrara. Only grains grown in Sicily are milled. To maintain high quality, it is necessary a raw material of excellence that can only be obtained on Sicilian soils, where the particular pedoclimatic conditions guarantee a grain with excellent organoleptic qualities.
The Molino Ferrara company has always been choosing Sicilian durum wheat directly from farmers, to ensure the origin of the product and the highest quality to consumers. The goal is to grow the local economy by always guaranteeing a superior quality of flours

Diamo forma al grano

Filosofia aziendale

L'eccellenza del prodotto è la conditio sine qua non che guida il Molino Ferrara. Vengono moliti solo grani coltivati in Sicilia. Per mantenere alta la qualità è necessaria una materia prima di eccellenza che si può ottenere solo sui suoli Siciliani, dove le particolari condizioni pedoclimatiche garantiscono un grano dalle ottime qualità organolettiche.
L'azienda Molino Ferrara da sempre per scelta compra grani duri siciliani direttamente dagli agricoltori, per garantire l'origine del prodotto e la massima qualità ai consumatori. L'obiettivo è far crescere l'economia locale garantendo sempre una qualità superiore delle farine

Philosophy Green

The future is contained in our past. Going back to progress is an important process that should never be discouraged. The return to the use of the stone mill is an important step forward that allows us to lay the foundations for a future more attentive to the quality of the flour and the choice of methods of cultivation of wheat.
The planet is suffering and Sicily goes through periods of drought resulting from climate change. Aware that change always comes from below, we have done our part by choosing a production method geared towards the quality of the product on all fronts. For this reason it was necessary to convert to organic farming and promote the cultivation and spread of the Ancient Sicilian Grains that can be grown organically and that have organoleptic and taste properties that place them on the highest step of the qualitative scale. Going back has allowed us to lay the foundations for a better future, where we see growth and positive and responsible progress.
Because we want to be part of the change and guardians of a healthier world.