We give shape to the grain

Diamo forma al grano

We give shape to the grain

Ancient Siciliani

The ancient Sicilian grains have the organoleptic characteristics and flavor that make them ideal to propose a philologically correct traditional cuisine and the health properties that make them necessary in our diet, are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to eat healthy and tastefully.

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About us
Our history

The Molino Ferrara for almost a century since its construction has become a major reality in the production of groats and whole wheat flour.
Born as a family business in the 1920s, it became the property of the Ferrara family in the early 1970

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The craftsmanship of the dough according to the pasta tradition, the bronze drawing to obtain a rough and porous surface, the slow drying and low temperatures to have a consistency always al dente, the durum wheat semolina sicilian, alkaline water and pure as that of the source, are the characteristics that make the pasta of Molino Ferrara a product of excellence of the new Sicilian culinary tradition..


Whole biscuit, with stone-ground flour, timilia variety.
Rich in fiber without adding any preservatives.

Grano 100% Siciliano
E' da sempre la nostra priorità e non la nostra ultima novità
100% Sicilian wheat
It has always been our priority and not our last novelty
Sicilian wheat has always been our priority and not our last novelty

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